Amsterdam awarded prize for sustainability

Amsterdam Awarded Prize for sustainability fund Amsterdam was recently awarded for its fund of sustainability at the 2016 year-end ceremony. The Amsterdam Investment Fund was described as being an “excellent example of innovation” and it will help improve the city’s its sustainability. The award is a tribute and recognition that is paid to the city’s efforts to decrease consumption of energy on a global scale. The Amsterdam Sustainability Fund Many Dutch companies have shown interest in investing in Amsterdam’s sustainability, but they claim to not have enough funds. The city of Amsterdam then organised this sustainability fund as a solution [...]

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New agreement between the Netherlands and Indonesia

New agreement between Indonesia and The Netherlands A memorandum was signed between the Netherlands and Indonesia pertaining to matters of excise duty and various customs issues. The customs authorities of these two countries will improve and deepen their cooperation, as per the agreement, which will allow for better trade relationships. This treaty concerns foreign investors in both countries as well as import-export companies. The memorandum of understanding customs matters The Indonesian and Dutch governments concluded this agreement as a way for both states better the cooperation between them regrading customs matters. According to the new memorandum, the two countries will [...]

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