New trust law per 1st of January 2019


On the first of January, a new law went into effect: the Dutch ‘Trust Law 2018’. This law will be supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank (The Dutch Central Bank) and has far-reaching consequences for anyone working in the advisory sector, as well as providers of registration addresses. In short: it is now illegal for parties that offer advisory services to refer their clients to a party that offers a registration address. How and why? We will explain everything in this article. The old vs. the new trust law According to the old trust law, any party offering legal assistance, [...]

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Netherlands-Switzerland Double Tax Agreement


Netherlands-Switzerland Double tax agreement The Netherlands and Switzerland have successfully drawn up a new agreement regarding the taxation of investment vehicles. This agreement serves as a clarification document for the tax treatment of some collective investment vehicles in both jurisdictions under the provision of the double tax treaty these two countries share. This agreement provides a number of tax advantages and reductions for investors or individuals that are dependant of income in both countries. Collective investment vehicle treatment under the double tax treatment The clarifications made for the double tax treaty between the Netherlands and Switzerland refer to fiscal investment [...]

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Good prospects for online retailers in The Netherlands


Good prospects for online retailers in The Netherlands People have become more satisfied with online retailers in the Netherlands during this year, especially in the holiday season. There was a significant improvement in this sector as compared to 2015 due to the country’s large amount of online shoppers. Dutch authorities and the banking community have devised a special and easier way for online shoppers to pay for their products, making it even more convenient. This is great news for foreign investors who want to invest in the online shopping sector. Dutch customers satisfied with online retailers Studies and online surveys [...]

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