Good prospects for online retailers in The Netherlands

People have become more satisfied with online retailers in the Netherlands during this year, especially in the holiday season. There was a significant improvement in this sector as compared to 2015 due to the country’s large amount of online shoppers. Dutch authorities and the banking community have devised a special and easier way for online shoppers to pay for their products, making it even more convenient. This is great news for foreign investors who want to invest in the online shopping sector.

Dutch customers satisfied with online retailers

Studies and online surveys have shown that the satisfaction percentage of online shoppers in 2016 was as high as 88% where in 2015 it only reached 50%. The performance of online retailers was evaluated during the holiday season which is when many customers choose to buy gifts via internet platforms. Needless to say, this 38% jump in satisfaction rates is very impressive to potential investors.

The ecommerce market in the Netherlands

The e-commerce market is an important one and it is a sector that continues to develop on a yearly basis. According to Dutch statistics, about 11% of all shopping and retailing is done online. Most of the biggest online stores are local, but there are also many international stores that are accessible to those living in the Netherlands.

The success of the online retail market is due to the large percentage of the population relying on the internet and the implementation of the iDeal payment method. The iDeal payment method is only available in the Netherlands and it forms a key part of online retailers. It is the very thing that differentiates Dutch retailers from international big-wigs and it is much more preferable to the Dutch shopper.

The Dutch online retail market offers a wide range of shopping fields, but the most popular are travel, tickets, telecommunication, electronics, computer hardware and software and clothing. There has also been a surge in activity regarding media services and products.

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More info on company setup in The Netherlands

Online retailers established in the Netherlands need to have a business address in the country.