The capital of Amsterdam: A great destination for international companies

During the past three years a remarkably high number of companies have established new businesses in Amsterdam. In 2016 approximately 150 multinational firms opened offices in the Dutch capital’s urban area. This level of interest indicates that the city is a main business hub not only in Dutch context, but also on the European scene.

The city attracts many foreign investors with the advantages it offers. Our Dutch lawyers can help you to open a local branch or a subsidiary of your international company.

Amsterdam is a preferred location for foreign companies

The global trends report published by IBM confirms that Amsterdam is a very competitive destination for international businesses. The city ranks 3rd for attractiveness to foreign investors. Amsterdam is also 4th in the opportunities ranking of PwC and in EY’s Europe Attractiveness Survey.

The Dutch capital is attractive on an international scale thanks to its excellent business atmosphere and its stability throughout a very challenging year for the European commerce. For fear of the future Brexit consequences some international corporations have decided to relocate and have picked Holland for the establishment of their new headquarters.

Setting up headquarters in Amsterdam

Holland offers many advantages to international companies. Its most inviting characteristics include its strategic location in Europe, developed infrastructure and connectivity, various opportunities for employment and business activities, and appropriate pool of well educated local and international talents.

It is easy to register a company in Holland and there are different options for incorporation. Companies established in EU member states can freely open Dutch branches, while other foreign businesses can set up subsidiaries.

It is not only European companies that show increased interest in the establishment of headquarters in Holland. Some key players come from the North African and Middle Eastern regions. More than 50% of the expanding businesses established in Amsterdam’s metropolitan area come from North America.

If you would like to know more about the procedures for starting a business in the capital of Amsterdam, please, get in touch with our Dutch lawyers.