A special education fund will be set up by the Dutch Ministry of Education and will be able to fund students up to the amount of 5 million EUR. The aim of this fund is to attract more foreign students to complete their studies at Dutch universities.

The new scholarships will be available to a total of 1,000 students making it possible for them to apply for 5,000 EUR each to cover their study expenses. The universities will, in turn, cover half of the scholarships themselves.

Minister of Education, Jet Bussemaker, believes that studying abroad is an enriching experience for any student and she hopes that by attracting them to the country, they will be motivated to work here afterwards. Foreign investors are often lured to the Netherlands due to its skilled workforce and if foreign students can add value to that, then the economy will no doubt prosper.

Discussions regarding student grants

The announcements of the scholarships came soon after the Dutch government decided to abolish student grants. This angered student bodies who stated that after completing Dutch studies they sit with a total average debt of 15,000 EUR. However, the government believes that this will enhance the standards in education.

Over 80,000 foreign students are currently attending Dutch universities and the government is constantly looking for ways to improve this experience. Students who choose to remain in the country after their studies will increase the value of the Dutch workforce which is why the government is passionate about pushing these scholarships.