Advantages of establishing a Dutch business


Advantages of establishing a Dutch business Holland is famous all over the world for the advantages it offers to entrepreneurs. Numerous global entrepreneurs and investors have considered to start businesses in the country. The present guide explores Holland as an environment for setting up a company. The advantages of starting a business include: 16.5 percent corporate tax, one of the lowest rates in Europe; VAT is not charged for transactions with EU member states; According to Forbes (2018) Holland is the fourth best country for business worldwide; Holland has the highest number of double taxation treaties worldwide; Holland is a founding [...]

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International companies establish in Amsterdam


The capital of Amsterdam: A great destination for international companies During the past three years a remarkably high number of companies have established new businesses in Amsterdam. In 2016 approximately 150 multinational firms opened offices in the Dutch capital’s urban area. This level of interest indicates that the city is a main business hub not only in Dutch context, but also on the European scene. The city attracts many foreign investors with the advantages it offers. Our Dutch lawyers can help you to open a local branch or a subsidiary of your international company. Amsterdam is a preferred location for [...]

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Amsterdam awarded prize for sustainability


Amsterdam Awarded Prize for sustainability fund Amsterdam was recently awarded for its fund of sustainability at the 2016 year-end ceremony. The Amsterdam Investment Fund was described as being an “excellent example of innovation” and it will help improve the city’s its sustainability. The award is a tribute and recognition that is paid to the city’s efforts to decrease consumption of energy on a global scale. The Amsterdam Sustainability Fund Many Dutch companies have shown interest in investing in Amsterdam’s sustainability, but they claim to not have enough funds. The city of Amsterdam then organised this sustainability fund as a solution [...]

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